What Causes Lower Back Pain: 


  • Bad posture at work. 

  • Over Weight.

  • Are related problems. ( eg: Arthritis )

  • Lifting heavy things in the wrong positions. 

  • Lack of physical activities. 




  • Prolonged back pain for a couple of days or weeks.

  • Pain gets worse when you are bending. 

  • Pain gets triggered by sitting. 

  • Pain is described as stabbing or shooting pain that radiates to one leg. 

  • There is a clear sign of a reduced range of motion. 

  • Limited ability to stretch your back muscles. 





  • The therapist or physician will assess the following movements to understand the problem:


       Ability to stand and walk.

       Spine’s range of motion.


       Leg strength: 

       - Able to detect sessions.


  • If needed, the following might be recommended tests like: 


            -   X-Ray.

             -  CT Scan 

             -   MRI 


  • Pain killers or even hot packs can work for temporary pain relief. 

  • For reducing swelling or inflammation, you can use an ice pack. 

  • For long-term relief, a physical therapy treatment is recommended which involves strengthening back muscles. This method has been proved effective for most back pain. 

  • Surgery is the last option for those, who need a structural correction or there is a fear of nerve damage.