What Causes Neck Pain? 


  • Bad posture while working at the desk.

  • Overuse of muscles.

  • Aging of joints.

  • Nerve compressions.

  • Accident or injury.

  • Medical conditions like spondylitis.


Symptoms of Neck Pain:


  • Pain in the neck by holding your neck in one position for a long duration. 

  • The tightness of muscles.

  • Not able to move to rotate your head without pain. 

  • Constant headaches.

  • Pain shooting into the arms and shoulders


Neck Pain Diagnosis: 


  • The therapist will analyze the following movements to understand the problem:


        - Understand the intensity of the pain by asking you to perform head movements. 

        - Neck range of motion is assessed. 

        - Radiation of the pain from neck to shoulders or to the head.

        - Tingling and numbness sensation in the arm in case of cervical spondylitis. 

  • If there is any other serious issue or unseen issues, the doctor or therapist can recommend other tests like:   

​         - X-Ray

         - CT Scan

         - MRI 

         - Blood Tests




  • Pain killers or even hot packs can work for temporary pain relief. 

  • For reducing swelling or inflammation, you can use an ice pack. 

  • For long-term relief, a physical therapy treatment is recommended which involves strengthening neck muscles. This method has been proved effective for most pains. 

  • Surgery is the last option for those, who need a structural correction or there is a fear of nerve damage.