Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Consultation?

A virtual consultant with a health care provider. 


  • The history of the condition is noted.

  • Physical Therapist finds the root cause of the pain by guided motions.

  • 3D tech is used for patient education.


  • An expert therapist creates your personalized plain. 

  • Real time feed bacck and monitoring by the PT.

  • Alternative at home equipment proposed.

  • PT then monitors the condition via weekly follow ups and free video consultations post. 


How can I book a virtual session?

You can click on "BOOK NOW" or call on the number +91 9642809614.

How can I share reports of my X-RAY/ MRI?

You can mail your reports of X-Ray/ MRI on or you can WhatsApp it at +91 9642809614.

How can a physical therapist be useful in COVID times?

COVID-19 has many symptoms, one being the most prominent. That is shortness of breath. Here, the lung capacity reduces all the way from 90% oxygen to 10% oxygen within a few hours (worst case scenario). to compensate, the patient is kept on a ventilator. After the patient is given the appropriate medications, they appear normal, but the lung capacity reduces. Here, the PT helps the patient regain his capacity by several exercises and techniques. For example, spirometry. 

I have severe shoulder pain, can it be mean a tear?

The rotating shoulder consists of four key muscles, which most upper arms movement. Shoulder impingement is where a person cannot attribute his sudden weakness and soreness in the shoulder after an incident. Because of this rotator muscles may stuff rotating and face stiffness. You can confirm an accurate diagnosis through a skilled assessment by an orthopedic doctor. 

Is MRI the only way to diagnose orthopedic problems?

MRI does not always tell you what we need to know or shows what we suspect already and can be misleading. This results in a huge waste of money and time. MRI can be recommended if needed by the doctor.

Too much exercise is bad? 

Vigorous exercise might aggravate your state. Therefore, seeing someone trained and qualified to prescribe the proper exercise for yourself is essential. Take it slow and you can see results.